Madlen & Julius Wedding Anniversary

This is our documentation for the two days of our marriage celebration in 2021. Explore the days by clicking on the postcards and walk around the images to listen to the stories connected to photos.

It is best viewed on a computer with a keyboard. You can use the W A S D keys to move around. Headphones on! It is almost 50mb, so give it some time to load!

Made with A-Frame

3d models by HoangHiepVu, cake by Jayasurya Aasaithambi

How does this work?

Use the WASD keys to move around and your mouse to look around you.
When you are on a mobile phone or a tablet you cannot really move around, just look around. You won't be able to listen to all the stories. Phones usually don't play the sounds, try with a desktop!

Click on the postcard to switch between the spaces to explore all the stories. Find the Gunzenhausen and Berlin postcard, move the black cursor over it and click/touch.

Put your headphones on, it makes it a lot easier to find out the story polaroids and listen to them.

On a computer your mouse cursor is not the cursor to click the postcards but a black ring in the middle of your view. Navigate this to the postcard, and then click.